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Any adult between the ages of 18 & 24 who is applying for their Texas drivers license must complete a TDLR/TEA approved 6 hour adult drivers ed course if they have not previously taken drivers ed.

Our course is provided by I Drive Safely. This online Adult Drivers Education Course is approved by the TDLR/TEA.

Adult Driver Class Online
Upon completion of the 6 Hour Adult Driving School Course, you will have automatically passed the DPS written license exam. Since you will not need to take the DPS written exam, you will shorten your time at the DPS!

After you complete the TX Adult Drivers Ed Course, you will receive a certificate of completion that states you have passed the DPS exam. Once you receive your certificate, present the certificate to the DPS to get your license. Don't forget, if you don't currently hold a license, you will need to take the behind-the-wheel test and an eye exam.
TX Adult Drivers Ed
Required Course for 1st Time Drivers 18-24 Approved by the TDLR/TEA 100% Online Texas Drivers Education Take The 6 Hour Course From  Any Computer Work At Your Own Pace Satisfaction Guarantee
Through I Drive Safely, we offer one of the few Texas Adult Drivers Ed Courses approved by the TDLR/TEA.  This course meets all of the requirements for Texas residents ages 18 to 24 to get their drivers license. This Adult Drivers Ed program started March 1st, 2010 as a mandatory course for anyone between 18 and 24 who has never taken drivers education.

The advantages of taking the adult driving class online are numerous.  No boring lectures, no need to leave your home, it's inexpensive and you can complete the course in multiple sessions.  Need we go on?
With the Online Texas Adult Drivers Ed course, you can feel confident that you are getting the best course available. The course is easy, informative, fun and inexpensive.  What are you waiting for?  Take your DPS exam today!
Adult Drivers Ed Course
Texas Adult Drivers Ed

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Convenient for people aged 25 and over.

I Drive Safely is also approved by the TDLR/TEA to provide new to the state of Texas drivers, foreign-born, or residents aged 25 and over who have never had their license, an easy way to get their license. By taking our online Texas Adult Drivers Education course, you will acquire all or the knowledge needed to become a Texas driver.


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